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Common Faults and Elimination Methods of Pneumatic Butterfly Valves

Common faults and elimination methods of Wafer Butterfly Valve With Pneumatic Actuator
Pneumatic butterfly valves are mainly composed of pneumatic actuators and butterfly valves. When we use Wafer Butterfly Valve With Pneumatic Actuator, some failures often occur. Therefore, it is very important to quickly and accurately troubleshoot the pneumatic butterfly valve. At present, common pneumatic butterfly valve failures and elimination methods are as follows:
1. The best position for installation in the pipeline is vertical installation, but not upside-down installation.
2. For the disc valve with a large number of opening and closing times, open the worm gear box cover in about two months to check whether the butter is normal. Keep a proper amount of butter.
3. Metal-sealed butterfly valve products are not suitable for installation at the end of the pipeline. If they must be installed at the end of the pipeline, an outlet flange must be installed to prevent the sealing ring from over-pressure and over-position.
4. It is recommended to use the special flange for the butterfly valve to install the matching flange of the disc plate.
5. Valve stem installation and use response Periodically check the valve use effect, and promptly remove any faults found.
6. Check the tightness of each connecting part, which not only guarantees the tightness of the packing, but also ensures the flexible rotation of the valve stem.
7. The flow needs to be adjusted during use, and it is controlled by a worm gear box.
8. Before installation, confirm whether the performance of our products and the arrow of the flow direction of the medium are consistent with the working conditions, and the inner cavity of the valve is inserted and cleaned. It is not allowed to have foreign matter attached to the sealing ring and butterfly plate, and never before cleaning. It is allowed to close the butterfly plate to avoid damaging the sealing ring.